Freestanding Barricades

Freestanding Modular Barricades installed quickly, without dust and are ready for graphics immediately.

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Modular Wall Systems

Lightweight and durable modular wall systems for rapid deployment of temporary rooms and isolation spaces.

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Barricades always have been, and always will be, at the core of our business.
The word "barricade" is in our name, after all. Our modular systems have become the industry standard for enclosure solutions, and have been used by hundreds of brands, malls, and developers all over the world. But beyond our physical products, it's our creative approach to problem solving in developing custom solutions that allow us to truly stand above the rest of the industry. We truly look at every project as its own unique problem, and will do whatever it takes to craft the best possible solution for our clients. Whether it's a single retail store, or a major development with multiple storefronts, we're here to create an enclosure solution that is sure to soar far beyond typical expectations!

Modular Barricade Systems


Reusable and modular barricades are constructed and installed to fix the size and specification for each client. Professionally installed (with graphics) and removed as needed.


Graphic applications are essential for that visual and advertising impact. Computer renderings of your graphics design along with our state-of-the-art printing yeilds the result clients love.


Whether for tenant remodelign or empty spaces or lightweight aluminum modular barricade enclosures are the proven choice. The vinyl laminated /PVC panel sections are prefect for easy installation.


Our modular barricades reuse materials to avoid waste which makes it an environmental friendly and sustainable solution.

"Before using Boston Barricade contractors build the barricade and we used another company to install the graphics. We selected Boston Barricade because they do it all. It's been an excellent experience."
Jay F. - Construction Manager
Foot Locker

Examples Of Our Work:

Uniqlo - Construction Scaffold & Mesh Banner Wrap
Journeys - Nationwide Graphic Logo Band Program
Tommy Bahama - Mesh Banner Wrap Enclosure