Freestanding Barricade Solutions
Freestanding Modular Barricades installed quickly, without dust and are ready for graphics immediately. Variety of options available: interior, exterior and moveable. All freestanding barricades are ballasted to provide a safe and secure enclosure. Barricades are sustainable and eco-friendly so that you can avoid using dry-wall barricades that end up in the land fill.

Freestanding Barricade
Freestanding Barricade

Industries Served:


Executed with the same level of design, detail and care the first time around.


You tell us when it needs to go up and come down, and we'll take care of the rest.


Ensuring safe, secure, and impeccably clean areas during active construction.

Quick, clean and ready for graphics right away! Contact Us Today!

"Before using Boston Barricade contractors build the barricade and we used another company to install the graphics. We selected Boston Barricade because they do it all. It's been an excellent experience."
Jay F. - Construction Manager
Foot Locker

Examples Of Our Work:

Uniqlo - Construction Scaffold & Mesh Banner Wrap
Journeys - Nationwide Graphic Logo Band Program
Tommy Bahama - Mesh Banner Wrap Enclosure