Sustainable Construction Barricades
The speed at which our world and your projects move means that creating sustainable solutions isn't always at the top of your priority list.

You're focused on the job getting done the right way, on time and on budget, and don't think about the fact that most drywall barricades end up in a landfill when all's said and done. Thankfully, sustainability is built into the core of our barricades and has been since day one.

Barricades, by design, are temporary products; they're built when construction on a site begins and torn down when a project is completed. But that doesn't mean they have to become trash when a project is finished. Our barricades, by design, are entirely modular, and are made of only the highest quality materials. They're also reusable and rebuildable, living a life long beyond one project, and are 100% recyclable.

SGIA Sustainable Business Recognition

Boston Barricade is a recipient of SGIA's 2018 Sustainable Business Recognition award. SGIA supports the implementation of sustainable practices throughout the industry and we are honored to receive this recognition.

U.S. Green Building Council

We are proud members of the U.S. Green Building Council.

"Been a wonderful experience, everything flows very well. Pleased with how the process works - quick turnaround times, pull permits if needed. These items would add another layer to the project."
Jennifer C. - Sales Promotions Communications Specialist
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